A Second Chance in Life


Hi, my name is Luis Corona and I have been living with diabetes for 11 years. In my family, there has never been anyone living with diabetes. We wouldn’t find anyone even if we did a thorough search. I am convinced that I am guilty of causing my own diabetes, I caused this life.

Overweight and Little Attention to my Health

When I was between 16 and 18,  I weighed 122 kg. This was an obvious excess of weight and fat in my body and all this damage was directly caused by a neglected life and it was all reflected in my diabetes diagnosis later.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 18 years old.  I was admitted to a hospital and was about to die because of heart failure since I had lost too many minerals in urine and other complications from having high blood glucose levels. My blood glucose was above 600mg/dl.

This story had a happy ending so I immediately learned to take care of myself. I started eating, exercising and getting to know my body as well as learning about diabetes. All thanks to the support of my family, doctors, nutritionist and friends.

A Second Chance

I have gone through four very big complications in my life. My diagnosis was just the trigger for my second chance in life.

I always considered diabetes as a lifestyle and never as a disease or a complication, but at 23, I faced a big problem. Normally we commit carelessness by trusting in something that becomes common in our life and I had the bad decision to believe that nothing happened when I neglected myself in my diet because I felt good.

My carelessness in food and in much larger measure the carelessness of love to my person and my life were so great that I caused great loss of control of my blood glucose in a very short time to the degree that I developed candidiasis in my esophagus.

The symptoms were so similar to a poorly controlled diabetes of years; I ended up in intensive care three or four days. The truth is that I can not remember much about the days it lasts. Today I know that I was hospitalized for about 10 days and that I was about to die. The diagnosis of candidiasis was somewhat late, and I say late because in three days I was running out.

A Very Special Moment and God in my Life

Thank God and the doctors discovered the problem and how to solve it. But the most important of all this is what happened in the process

Although my memories of the time I was interned are vague, I can clearly remember the moment when, I do not want to sound religious, much less, I gave myself to God. I left the human being possible to the humans and the divine to the divine. I was relieved to say that I did not want to die but if it was time for it to happen it would be ready, I wanted to continue and I would do what I needed to do but if God’s decision was to take me I accepted it with complete peace of mind. I was filled with peace at that moment, and of course, there were no celestial lights, chants or tunnels of white light, nor a voice that answered, but a peace that is rarely experienced.

You will think that what kind of history is this about someone who surrenders or surrenders, well, here I am and you too, for one reason you are here, now, with a second chance (or a third or a fourth). I know that we are here to fulfill a purpose, a life, a feeling of peace and happiness.

My second opportunity came when I gave myself up, I now live with immense self-love, seeking to improve, help me and help those who let themselves be helped, loved, taken care of and thus be able to share that to other people, especially my loved ones.

Take a lot of care of yourself is always a piece of good advice but I think it is more important to love much more. You have to become your highest priority, you are your universe and loving yourself you will love others and share that life commitment.  

This was my second chance and thanks to which I was able to make great decisions and favorable changes in my life, thanks to diabetes, I believe this second chance has been a blessing in my life because without her I would not have learned to love and love others and I probably would not be here, let alone in peace. Thanks, diabetes.

Thanks to my mother Erendira, my father Mundo and my sister Gabriela; Obvious everyone in my family too, grandparents, uncles and cousins. Thanks to my doctor Ricardo and Liuba and my nutritionist Ruth. Thanks to my friends Deni, Jesus, Victoria, Lalo, Ivan, Juan, José, Daniel, Mariana, Mirey, Nely, Cecilia and Lupita. Thanks to my wife and love Jocelyn.

WRITTEN BY Luis Alberto Corona, POSTED 07/31/19, UPDATED 12/12/22

Luis Corona was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2D) 11 years ago. In his family, there had never been anyone living with diabetes. He was convinced that he caused his own diabetes and decided to change his life in a healthier way. He has now become a health coach.