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WRITTEN BY: Jordan Dakin

Technology’s role in helping people with diabetes to self-manage cannot be overlooked. Numerous devices, health platforms and apps have emerged in recent years that have proven life-changing, and this trend seems likely to continue. One need that has emerged is a way to aggregate information about diabetes technology in a convenient place, especially for diabetes educators who must stay up to date on tech advancements to support those they serve.

The Diabetes Advanced Network Access (DANA) is the game-changing, one-stop healthcare tool that helps diabetes educators navigate the bevy of new technology constantly being rolled out for people with diabetes. With DANA, users now have one comprehensive website they can use to stay in-the-know on diabetes technology.

According to a survey of diabetes educators conducted by AADE, 91 percent of educators said they would recommend certain technology that they had heard about, but 85 percent said they didn’t have a main resource to look to for information.

DANA features five content sections:

  • Product reviews: Includes technical specs and resources for more than 200 products designed to improve results – namely CGMs, insulin pumps, blood glucose monitors, and medication delivery devices. Specifics for all products are outlined in a consistent manner to allow educators to find information at the drop of a hat. Links to manufacturer websites are also available.
  • Education: Provides online courses on topics like the latest diabetes devices and software and how data can be used to transform health.
  • Innovation: Features current technology news and provides details on focus groups and polls in which users can participate to help guide new innovations via market research and testing.
  • Resources: Allows users to browse scientific research publications, guidelines and tools pertinent to the role of educators as they aid their clients in navigating the technology landscape. This section also includes a discussion board where users can share tips and connect regarding various challenges they encounter.
  • App Review: Provides information on a variety of mobile apps that focus on diabetes management, fitness, food, lifestyle and wellness, and any and all types of conditions people with diabetes encounter. Each app is assessed for functionality, usability, operability, privacy and security by an independent, third-party organization. Educators can download apps directly from the site or send clients to  recommended apps.

“DANA makes it easy for diabetes educators to keep up with the ever-growing technology options that can significantly enhance outcomes,” said Donna Ryan, MPH, RN, RD, CDE, FAADE, 2018 AADE president. “Because these new technologies produce so much data, diabetes educators have become data interpreters, helping people with diabetes understand what the information means and how to best use it to manage their diabetes. DANA will be a key resource in that.”

AADE will continue to keep DANA up-to-date to ensure all who work with the diabetes community have access to the highest-quality resources to provide person-centered care and participate in diabetes-related research. DANA is currently only available to members of AADE.



This content is sponsored by AADE, a Founding Partner of Beyond Type 2.

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