Daily Type 2 Diabetes Kit


Type 2 diabetes requires daily care. Make sure you have the right testing supplies to keep track of your blood sugar numbers, have enough insulin on-hand and emergency carbohydrates that can help you track your carb intake or blood sugar levels over a period of time. This guide provides a list of items to include for your daily diabetes kit.

Your daily diabetes kit should include:

Testing Supplies

Knowing your numbers central to diabetes management. Without knowing how certain foods, physical activities and other stressors affect your blood sugar, you’ll never be able to fully control diabetes in your life.

Though your doctor will recommend how many times you should test per day, you should keep a blood glucose meter, lancet device, lancets and alcohol swabs with you at all times. If you’re newly diagnosed or have a primary care doctor, they’ll prescribe these items for you. Otherwise, diabetes testing supplies can be purchased at your local drug store.

Insulin + Oral Medication

We recommend packing a three-day supply. Include short-acting as well as long-acting insulin. When insulin is kept cool at the recommended temperature of 36° F – 46° F, it will last until its expiration date. Unrefrigerated insulin can be stored at a temperature between 59°F-86°F and may be effective up to 28 days. Don’t forget to rotate supplies so that your emergency kit does not contain expired products.

Your insulin may come in the form of an epipen or syringe and you can inform your doctor which one you prefer. However, always inquire about the costs of each, which option is covered by your insurance and which would incur out-of-pocket costs.

For oral medication, refill your prescription at least a week before you’re due to run out of your supply.

Emergency Fast-Acting Carbohydrates and Glucagon

For treating hypoglycemia, severe low-blood sugar, pack fast-acting carbs such as hard candy, fruit juice, regular soda, glucose tablets, or gels. You can also be prescribed nasal glucagon, which raises your blood sugar to treat severe hypoglycemia.

Medical Identification

Wear a diabetes tag or medical bracelet that indicates that you live with type 2 diabetes. You can purchase these at your local pharmacy or online.

WRITTEN BY Beyond Type 2 Editorial Team, POSTED 01/04/19, UPDATED 09/05/23

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 2 Editorial Team.