Diabetes Astrology: Snacks for Hypoglycemia Based on Your Zodiac Sign


DISCLAIMER: The stars are not medical doctors; all advice in this post comes from the stars’ own personal experience and centuries of cosmic wisdom; please speak to your doctor before making any decisions based on these horoscopes or based on any horoscopes at all.

Astrology is cool. Lows are not. Here, we share guidance from the stars to help you determine which fast-acting carbs to reach for during your next low blood sugar. Learn more about lows at Lets Talk Lows.

diabetes astrology Aries: Mystery Skittles

Your fast-acting carbs need to be as exciting and as fun as you, dear Aries. While the excitement of an unexpected low blood sugar is hardly what you ordered, only a handful of Mystery Skittles is an equal match for your playful spirit! 15 Skittles = 15 grams of carbs

diabetes astrology Taurus: Sugar Packets

Taurus, you are known and appreciated for your reliable stability. Like the ever-present sugar packet at every gas station around the corner, we can count on you! You are the ol’ reliable. Just tear open a few sugar packets for your next low. four sugar packets = 16 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Gemini: Gummy Bears

Who doesn’t adore you, sweet Gemini? Like a good old-fashioned gummy bear, you’re a classic that appeals to every generation. You’re impossible not to like! In fact, we’d coat you in chocolate if it didn’t slow down the digestion of those carbs for your next low. seven bears = 16 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Cancer: Maple Syrup

Your caring nature is a true match for the amount of care that goes into creating a jug of maple syrup, dear Cancer. Just as we tap the trees to collect the sap, you tap into the needs of everyone around you! Have one carefully poured spoonful of nature’s candy for your next low. 1 tablespoon maple syrup = 13 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Leo: Sour Patch Kids

Oh, sweet Leo, your child-like spirit is always appreciated! You bring fun to the party like a bag of Sour Patch Kids on a table of dried-out carrots and warm dip. We’re so glad you arrived! Let’s get the party started! five Sour Patch Kids = 15 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Virgo: Gummy Life Savers

Virgo, your protective nature keeps everyone around you safe. Like the hero of sweets, you are a true Life Saver in your community. Of course, for the quickest consumption during an urgent low, stick to the gummy kind! five Gummy Life Savers = 15 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Libra: Dex4 Glucose Tablets

Dear Libra, you are the most thoughtful person we know. Like a classic tube of Dex4 glucose tabs that never melt or freeze, you are there for us when we need you! Keep a tube in your purse, car, nightstand and backpack for your next low. four tabs = 16 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Scorpio: Candy Corn

Let’s just call it like we see it, Scorpio. You’re both simple and complicated like the delicate season of candy corn. Some people are obsessed with you. Other people…not so much. But if your life depends on it during your next low, candy corn will see you through. eight candy corn pieces = 15 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Sagittarius: Pop Rocks

Your deeply creative energy throws us all for a loop sometimes, Sagittarius. Like a handful of Pop Rocks, your clever craftiness blows our minds. If you can handle it, have a pack (or two) for your next low. two packs of Pop Rocks = 18 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Capricorn: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

How very thoughtful of you, dear Capricorn—you’re always taking the time to consider what other people need. Like a hundred flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, you meet everyone right where they are. Do remember, though, that Very Cherry will always be the king of kings in flavors. 15 Jelly Belly jelly beans = 15 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Aquarius: Smarties

You blend in easily everywhere you go, Aquarius. Like the flavors in a roll of Smarties, it’s hard to tell you apart from the crowd. You can use this to your advantage when you’re headed to new places or trying to treat a low with only so much room in your pocket. two rolls of Smarties = 12 grams of carb

diabetes astrology Pisces: Gushers

You’re a tender heart, dear Pisces. Like a classic pack of Gushers, you’re solid on the outside, but it takes only a firm hug to see your true feelings. Let us get to know you! And don’t accidentally sit on the pack of Gushers in your pocket before your next low. A .9-ounce pack of Gushers = 20 grams of carb


WRITTEN BY Ginger Vieira, POSTED 04/25/22, UPDATED 10/11/22

Ginger Vieira is the senior content manager at Beyond Type 1. She is also an author and writer living with type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. She’s authored a variety of books, including “When I Go Low” (for kids), “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes,” and “Dealing with Diabetes Burnout.” Before joining Beyond Type 1, Ginger spent the last 15 years writing for Diabetes Mine, Healthline, T1D Exchange, Diabetes Strong and more! In her free time, she is jumping rope, scootering with her daughters, or walking with her handsome fella and their dog.