Emergency Glucagon: Everything You Need to Know


Glucagon is a hormone that tells your liver to release its stored sugar (also known as glycogen) into your bloodstream. Emergency glucagon treatments can raise your blood sugar during severe hypoglycemia.

Anyone who takes insulin (or another medication that can cause low blood sugars) should have an emergency glucagon treatment.

Here, you can learn everything you need to know about glucagon!

Glucagon Basics

Learn what glucagon is and how it can be used during severe low blood sugars.

Hypoglycemia and How to Treat It

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All About Glucagon

Besides being a hormone that occurs naturally in the body, glucagon is also an emergency medicine used when a person with diabetes is experiencing hypoglycemia and cannot take sugar orally or in non...MORE

How to Get Emergency Glucagon: CoPay Cards + Insurance Denials

What to do if your health insurance denies your request for newer emergency glucagon treatment productsMORE

How to Ask Your Primary Care Provider for Glucagon

Your doctor may not know about emergency glucagon, why you need it, and the newest types available. Here's how to ask for it...MORE

If You Take Insulin, You Need a Prescription for Emergency Glucagon

Emergency glucagon is a medication that raise blood sugar levels quickly during severe hypoglycemia.MORE

Newer Types of Glucagon

While there was only one type of emergency glucagon for decades, there are several newer and easier-to-use options available today!

All About Nasal Glucagon

Nasal glucagon can save the life of someone experiencing severe hypoglycemia. Learn everything you need to know...MORE

Zegalogue® Is Now Commercially Available in the United States

Zegalogue®, also known as dasiglucagon, is now commercially available in the U.S. for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia.MORE
gvoke hypopen

All About Gvoke HypoPen®

Anyone who takes insulin and other medications that cause low blood sugar should know about the premixed insulin Gvoke HypoPen.MORE

When to Use Glucagon

Let’s talk about when glucagon can be used to reverse severe low blood sugar and save your life.

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save a life: it's time to learn about glucagon

Save a Life: It’s Time to Learn About Glucagon

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emergency glucagon

Can EMTs + Paramedics Administer Emergency Glucagon for Severe Hypoglycemia?

Despite today’s modern 1-step glucagon options, the rules on who can administer glucagon have not been updated. MORE

Can Emergency Responders in Your Town Administer Glucagon?

Not every emergency responder can administer glucagon. Find out whether an EMT near you can—and what to do if they can’t!MORE

Easing Worry & Anxiety

Low blood sugars are scary. Keeping glucagon with you at all times can help you cope with anxiety and worry about severe lows.

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Prepared for Everyday Life with Glucagon

Wherever you go, it’s always nice to have glucagon nearby.

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Why Doesn’t Glucagon Work with Alcohol?

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Daily Type 2 Diabetes Kit

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Oral Medications and The Risk of Hypoglycemia

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A Frightening Lack of Glucagon Access in Mexico

An ideal scenario would be to have multiple prescriptions of glucagon in your refrigerator, hoping never to use them.MORE
low blood sugars with type 2 diabetes

Emergency Glucagon for Type 2 Diabetes: “My blood sugar was 37 mg/dL…”

If you take insulin as a person with type 2 diabetes, emergency glucagon could save your life during a severe low blood sugar. Learn more…MORE
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If You Take Insulin for Type 2 Diabetes, Your Doctor Should Also Prescribe This…

If you take insulin as a person with type 2 diabetes, your healthcare provider should prescribe emergency glucagon, too. Here’s why…MORE

Yes, I Have Low Blood Sugars with Type 2 Diabetes

Living with type 2 diabetes has its ups and its downs, including having low blood sugar. We also experience lows!MORE

Stories & Interviews About Glucagon

Discussing glucagon with patients, doctors and industry leaders.

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Staying Ready with Nasal Glucagon

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T1D + T2D Perspectives on Hypoglycemia w/ Ginger + Taylor

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Dr. Steve Edelman on Hypoglycemia + Glucagon

Dr. Edelman recently took the time to chat with Beyond Type 1 about the importance of glucagon, among other key issues around hypoglycemia.MORE

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