Collab Conversations: Learn About Type 2 Diabetes with Experts from the ADA


Whether you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, this video interview series offers expert guidance on topics including insulin resistance, your A1c results, diabetes remission, diabetes complications, lifestyle habits and more.

Let’s talk about Type 2 diabetes…

giving insulin injection

Why does my body need insulin?

Without enough insulin the body feels as if it's starving, even though the sugar levels in your blood could be extremely high.MORE
checking blood sugar

Why do I need to check my blood sugar if my A1C is fine?

Your A1c result only offers you a glimpse into where your blood sugars have been over the past 3 months, but daily blood sugar checks can tell you much more...MORE
diabetes complications

What are diabetes complications and what causes them?

For many people, diabetes complications develop as a result of persistently high blood glucose, high blood sugar.MORE
discussing diabetes remission with doctor

What is diabetes remission?

What is the official definition of diabetes remission? We finally have a clear definition of "diabetes remission" and how it differs from "cure" and "reversal". MORE
insulin pricing

What is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Learn what you can do to prevent or slow the progression of insulin resistance in your body.MORE
talking to doctor about preventing amputations

How can I protect my toes, feet, and legs from amputation?

Learn how to protect your toes, feet, and legs from amputation as a person with Type 2 diabetes.MORE
scared of needles

I need to take insulin but I’m scared of needles…

Are you struggling to take your insulin as prescribed because of a fear of needles? Learn more about needle phobia here.MORE
diabetes medications

How are these medications helping my diabetes?

Learn exactly how each diabetes medication works to improve blood sugar levels and your overall health.MORE
getting 30 minutes of physical activity

How 30 minutes of physical activity a day can help you manage diabetes

Learn how even just 30 minutes of daily physical activity can have a big impact on your blood sugars and overall diabetes health.MORE
changes in your diet to impact diabetes

What are 2 changes I can make in my diet for a big impact on my diabetes?

Here are two simple changes you can make in your diet for a big impact on your blood sugars and your overall diabetes health.MORE
genetics of type 2 diabetes

If type 2 diabetes runs in my family, can I prevent it?

Learn about the genetics of type 2 diabetes and what you can do to reduce your risk of developing it—even if it runs in your family.MORE
thinking about diabetes denial

Diabetes Denial: How can I face my diabetes diagnosis?

Struggling with denial that you've been diagnosed with diabetes? Here are a few ideas to help you move forward.MORE

This series of educational content was made possible by the ADA x BT1 Collab.  

WRITTEN BY Ginger Vieira, POSTED 12/07/21, UPDATED 10/17/22

Ginger Vieira is an author and writer living with type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. She’s authored a variety of books, including “When I Go Low” (for kids), “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes,” and “Dealing with Diabetes Burnout.” Before joining Beyond Type 1 as digital content manager, Ginger wrote for Diabetes Mine, Healthline, T1D Exchange, Diabetes Strong and more! In her free time, she is jumping rope, scootering with her daughters, or walking with her handsome fella and their dog.