Lala Jackson, Senior Project Manager, Digital Unit

Lala swore to never work in the Type 1 diabetes space for fear of making diabetes more than 100% of her life (having been diagnosed at age 10), then ended up doing it anyway. Making an impact in the lives of fellow people with Type 1 diabetes mattered too much to stay away. A strategic communications professional for the past decade working across non- and for-profit organizations, she worked for JDRF for four years before joining the Beyond Type 1 team. Her role includes helping foster and cultivate the JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance. A bit of a nomad, she grew up primarily bouncing between Hawaii and Washington state and graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a communications degree focused in advertising. She is a published non-fiction author who is currently trying to teach herself how to write fiction. You can usually find her reading, preferably on a beach.