Matt Vande Vegte


Matt Vande Vegte is a jack of all trades. He is an international professional model, having worked with the industry’s top companies and brands including Giorgio Armani fragrances, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Target, Nordstrom, and countless others. He has also been featured on TV and in many magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vouge, and Vman. Matt has thoroughly enjoyed traveling the world, both for work and for fun, visiting 33 countries so far. He is currently working toward a lifelong dream of his to become a Firefighter.

Matt is also an entrepreneur. As a certified trainer and nutritionist, Matt co-founded an online health coaching platform for people living with diabetes, called FTF Warrior. Within this program, he coaches on mental health, nutrition and how it affects blood sugars, and reaching individualized fitness goals. The entire program is built around diabetes education in a community of other diabetics going through similar struggles and victories. Matt continues to learn as he studies to become a master fitness trainer. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on December 23, 2009, Matt has never let diabetes hold him back from living life to the fullest and has developed a passion for educating and advocating as he serves the diabetic community. When he isn’t busy pursuing one of his many dreams, you can find him exploring nature or surfing in San Diego, CA with his wife Lisa. You can visit FTF Warrior’s website at