Life with Type 2 stories


Diabetes Is Just Another Adventure

Nalini has always enjoyed a good adventure and hike, but a diabetes diagnosis wasn’t an adventure she expected. MORE

There’s A Life Outside of Being Limited By Diabetes

After a diagnosis with type 2 diabetes, Ti strives to find a balance between being safe and living her life the way she wants.MORE

Serena’s Story: 5-Year Misdiagnosis + Living With Diabetic Retinopathy

After being misdiagnosed with type 1, Serena went blind with diabetic retinopathy. Read her inspiring story!MORE

How Insulin Makes Life with T2D Easier

Heather Olson shares why she chose to start taking insulin to manage type 2 diabetes and how it's made life with diabetes easier. MORE

Seeing a Positive Impact After Starting Insulin

Kelly Casperson speaks with Beyond Type 2 about recently starting insulin and the immediate positive impact it had on her life. MORE

Diagnosed with Type 2 Without Experiencing the Typical Symptoms

Antionette Blake is a multi-award winning blogger from Delaware and the owner of ABlake Enterprises, a social media management & consulting company. Antionette was recently diagnosed with Type 2 d...MORE

My Rejection for Life Insurance Revealed My Type 2 Diagnosis

Jeannette Alligood is a health coach who has been living with Type 2 diabetes since 2016. Her diagnosis was revealed after being rejected by life insurance. MORE

How I’ve Dealt with My “Freshman” Year of Type 2 Diabetes

Bill Santos was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2018. He likens adjusting to diabetes to living in a new country and reflects on the changes he made in his first "freshman" year of having ...MORE

Life with Diabetes Complications: I Wish I’d Known This Would Happen

For years, Fabian didn’t have the resources or tools to manage his type 2 diabetes. Now, he’s navigating life with complications.MORE
Photo of Dex Geralds

Similar Signs, Different Diabetes: When Type 2 is Actually Type 1

Dex Gerald was misdiagnosed with type 2 diabetes when he actually had type 1 diabetes. This is how his self-advocacy changed his diabetes story (for the better)!MORE

Hiking The Appalachian Trail with Type 2 Diabetes

Nalini started hiking, backpacking, and adventuring with type 2 diabetes. Her blog, Hiking Misadventures was born. MORE

Putting Inhaled Insulin to the Test

I'm using Afrezza's inhaled insulin to manage my type 1 diabetes. Here's how it's going...MORE

Insulin Improved My Quality of Life

Alex Charnin shares how she switched doctors to be put on insulin after her endo focused too much on her weight and not her glucose levels.MORE

Stop the Stigma: Using Insulin is Not a Failure

Insulin is a life-saving drug, yet many people with type 2 diabetes are shamed for using it. The stigma needs to stop.MORE

Transgender with Diabetes: Fighting for Gender-Affirming Healthcare

“I'd like my pronouns listed before the little letter indicating what genitals I have. I want person-first language.”MORE

Conquering Type 2 Diabetes While Training For a Triathlon

At 31 years old and living in Bangalore, India, Aditya is conquering type 2 diabetes and triathlons. MORE

How This Foodie Changed Her Diet After Being Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Chanel loves trying new foods and celebrating the classics. Here’s how she changed her diet to help manage her type 2 diabetes.MORE

Weight Lifting For The Win with Freestyle Libre

Dave found his strength in weight lifting, running, and walking after his type 2 diagnosis.MORE
Using cequr simplicity insulin patch

Switching to an Insulin Patch After 50 Years of Injections

A 66-year-old woman who's been living with diabetes for over 50 years shares her experience using the CeQur Simplicity insulin patch.MORE

T2D As A Catalyst For Change: How Jamie Focused On Poetry + Community

Jamie used his type 2 diagnosis as a catalyst for change in his life. MORE

How Therapy Helped Me After My Diabetes Misdiagnosis

For T’ara Smith, the tools she learned in therapy to manage negative thoughts helped her weather big life transitions—and a misdiagnosis of type 2 diabetes.MORE
Keith Crear as a sports photojournalist with type 2 diabetes

Getting Therapy as a Man with Diabetes: “Our pride gets the best of us.”

Asking for help is never easy—especially for a man in today’s world where mental health is often overlooked. Here, Keith shares why asking for help was worth it.MORE

LeAnne’s Type 2 Diagnosis + Connecting With Others On Social Media

From crash dieting to a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, LeAnne shares her story. MORE

Finding Adventure in Life with Type 2 + FreeStyle Libre

"I think the fact that I went on a cruise the day after getting diagnosed is very telling of how living with diabetes would go for me. I never let diabetes hold me back from adventure."MORE

HCP’s Perspective on Diabetes Success: Learn to Celebrate the Small Wins

Quisha Umemba RN, CDCES, CHWI shares thoughts on how success w/ type 2 diabetes is more than about A1C and how to celebrate the small wins. MORE

(Un)doing Diabetes Stigmas and Changing Public Perception

Here, we take a look at the public perception of diabetes and the way people with diabetes treat each other.MORE

Transforming Tobi: A Story About Fitness + Mental Health

Tobi learned to prioritize both fitness and mental health after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.MORE

A Different Kind of Happiness: Defining My Own Success with Type 2 Diabetes

Living a happy life with type 2 diabetes, beyond A1C, looks different for everyone. Bill Santos shares what successful management looks like for him. MORE
Mary Van Doorn type 2 diabetes weight loss story

Losing Weight with Type 2 Diabetes: “You cannot hate yourself to wellness.”

Mary Van Doorn shares her weight loss journey over 20+ years with type 2 diabetes while facing the biggest obstacle—her emotional wellness.MORE
Busy people on the street

Forgetting to Take Insulin, Until I Started Wearing a Pump

Katrin was juggling family, work, and T2D - but forgetting to take her insulin. Read how Omnipod changed that.MORE

How Starting a GLP-1 Helped This Chef Address Diet Culture

Chef and nurse, Travis Cleaves, shares how starting a GLP-1 to manage Type 2 diabetes helped him view diet culture in a new light. MORE

Former Chef with Type 2 Diabetes Proves Great Food Can Be Healthy + Tasty

Former Chef, Carlos Gonzalez, learned how to make healthy food choices without sacrificing flavor after he was diagnosed with T2D. MORE

Making Small Changes + Incorporating Time In Range With Freestyle Libre

Liz Davis shares how her Freestyle Libre and time-in-range feature has helped strengthen her diabetes management regimen.MORE

Here’s How 27 People with Type 2 Diabetes Manage Low Blood Sugars

Gummy bears, milk or juice, rest. What do you do when your blood sugar drops low? We asked our community and collected their responses. MORE

I Accidentally Took 18 Units of the Wrong Insulin

Jean Flunker shares how she accidentally took the wrong insulin and her thoughts on insulin stigma in Type 2 diabetes. MORE

A Game Plan to Remember to Take Insulin

Vickie Nell shares her story, the impact of missing insulin dosages, and how she remembers to take insulin. MORE

I Wish People with T1D Understood THIS About Type 2 Diabetes

Let's fight the stigma around Type 2 diabetes and advocate for all people living with the chronic illness. MORE
using a CGM for type 2 diabetes

Using a CGM for My Type 2 Diabetes

Three people with Type 2 diabetes share how using a CGM has changed the way they manage their blood sugars—and how much safer they feel, too.MORE
living with MODY-1 diabetes

After Years of Denial, This Man Manages His Diabetes with Insulin

When Arvind Ramaswamy was diagnosed with MODY 1 diabetes at 25 years old in 1995, he was convinced the doctors had made a mistake.MORE
woman using insulin

“My doctor refused to put me on insulin for Type 2 diabetes, so I got a new doctor.”

Before Kate Cornell was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2005 at 50 years old, she had no idea anything was wrong. Today, she uses both metformin and insulin to manage her blood sugars.MORE
prince blue with type 2 diabetes

“I stopped taking insulin in January 2021,” says Prince Blue

With an A1c of 17.6 percent at his diagnosis, Prince looks back and realizes he should’ve started insulin right away. But today, he’s no longer taking insulin and thriving.MORE

From Syringes to Insulin Pens: Making Type 2 Diabetes Life Easier

Katie Saucedo shares her T2D story, switching from syringes to pens, and discusses T2D stigma and insulin. MORE

A New Way to Deliver the Insulin I Need

Luis Doriocourt shares his experiences switching insulin delivery methods - from syringes and vials to insulin pens to manage T2D. MORE

Lessons Learned from My First CGM Experience

U.K.-based Type 2 advocate, Ken Tait, shares his experience with the Freestyle Libre 2 and why people with T2D should use a CGM. MORE

Being My Own T2D Success Story with Omnipod

Prince Blue joins Beyond Type 2 to discuss updates to his journey with type 2 diabetes, including finding weight loss success with Omnipod. MORE

With an Insulin Pump, Type 2 Diabetes Requires Less Effort

Russ Bell shares his T2D diabetes story, being encouraged to try Omnipod by his T1D granddaughter, and why T2D requires less effort to manage because of Omnipod. MORE

Saying Goodbye to GERTI

UK Type 2 advocate, Ken Tait, talks about his brief use of the Freestyle Libre 2 and why T2Ds need better access to CGM.MORE

My First Freestyle Libre: Making Adjustments to Type 2 Diabetes Care

John Ramos shares how he obtained his first Freestyle Libre on Medicare and made changes to his T2D, such as learning how to calculate carb ratios.MORE

Better Decisions, Better Data: My FSL Story

Matilde Gómez-Revilla Rosas was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016. She shares her experiences with Freestyle Libre and how it helped her make better decisions about her diabetes. MORE

Laurie Hernandez: Type 2 Diabetes is a Team Sport

U.S. Gold Medalist, Laurie Hernandez chats with Beyond Type 2 about supporting her father's journey with type 2 diabetes and why T2D is a team sport.MORE

T1D + T2D Perspectives on Hypoglycemia w/ Ginger + Taylor

Beyond Type 1 staff member, Ginger Vieira, and Type 2 Podcast Host and Advocate, Taylor Daniele, joined Beyond Type 2 to discuss their experiences with hypoglycemia from a type 1 and type 2 perspectiv...MORE

Fitness + Hypoglycemia with Liz Cambron, Ph.D.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can occur during or after a workout and to learn how people with Type 2 diabetes address it in their lives, we reached out to one of our community members, Liz Cambron, ...MORE
how Genny lowered her A1c

Overcoming Denial: This Chef Lowered Her A1c from 9.5 to 5.9 Percent

Within 95 days, Genny lowered her A1c from 9.5 to 5.9 percent while still enjoying a diet full of real food and flavor.MORE

Diabetes Difference Makers Spotlight: Hiking My Feelings

Syndey Williams shares how hiking has helped her navigate her diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes and her hopes for the Take a Hike Diabetes campaign.MORE

Trusting Myself with Insulin

Former pro wrestler, Dan Denton, shares when he first started taking insulin and how he's learned to trust himself with it to manage T2D.MORE

No Shame in Using Insulin

Insulin stigma in T2D care is real and causes people with type 2 to feel like they're failing at managing it. Joseph Martin shares why that doesn't have to be the case. MORE

Like Having a Life Coach on My Arm

Rob Taub shares his story about why wearing the Freestyle Libre is like having a life coach on his arm and what he's learned about diabetes.MORE

Staying Ready with Nasal Glucagon

T2D Mark Hanlon discussed his experiences with hypoglycemia and how he is staying ready with Baqsimi to prepare for future emergencies. MORE

What My First Month with Freestyle Libre Taught Me about My Diabetes

Venice Furio shares her experiences about her first month with the Freestyle Libre and the challenges of accessing CGM and making healthy food in the Phillippines.MORE

Nasal Glucagon Gives Me Peace of Mind

For a person relatively newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Alicia Meader talks about the importance of diabetes education, patient advocacy, as well as her life with diabetes, as if she’d bee...MORE

Life is Easier with Omnipod

T2D patient Kathleen Weaver tells her story about wearing insulin pumps for 20 years and why life is easier with Omnipod DASH. MORE

Being Prepared for Hypoglycemia to Stay on Top of My Diabetes Game

Professional sports photojournalist, Keith Crear, shares his experiences with hypoglycemia and how staying prepared keeps him on top of his game against Type 2 diabetes.MORE

Freestyle Libre’s Positive Impact on my Culinary Career

Chef Robert Lewis shares his story on why starting the Freestyle Libre was "love at first swipe" and how the device positively impacted his culinary career. MORE

Feeling Like a New Person with the Omnipod System

John Hale is a Former Drill Sergeant who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1999. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had trouble bring his glucose down due to his medication. As a resul...MORE

Building an Army Against Type 2 Diabetes

Former Canadian Wrestler, Dan Denton, talks about his website and podcast Diabetes Army and how he advocates for health and wellness for people with Type 2 diabetes. MORE

Using Small Changes to Overcome Prediabetes

Karen Morrow was told she had prediabetes in 2017. After her diagnosis, she made small changes to her diet and exercise regimen to help her overcome prediabetes.MORE

A Type 2 Makeover by the Freestyle Libre 14 Day System

Allan Avendaño, 43, is a makeup artist from the Los Angeles area who uses the Freestyle Libre 14 day system to manage Type 2 diabetes. Allan tells Beyond Type 2 how the CGM device gave him a Type 2 m...MORE

Seeking the Right Kind of Help: My Prediabetes Story

Juan Carlos shared the story of his prediabetes with us. For personal reasons, he preferred to remain anonymous. If you want to read more about pre-diabetes visit our resource page. MORE

A Movement, Not a Moment: About the POC Living with Diabetes Virtual Summit

People of color within the diabetes community have been calling for more representation and have their voices heard from other community members and organizations, alike. Noticing the gap in awareness...MORE

My First Time Prescribing A FreeStyle Libre

Anna Simos is a diabetes clinical research coordinator and diabetes care and education specialist (DCES) at Stanford University. Anna chats with Beyond Type 2 about the first time she prescribed a Fre...MORE

How Omnipod Simplifies Life with Type 2 Diabetes: A Chat with Insulet CCO Bret Christensen

Bret Christensen is the Chief Commercial Officer at Insulet, maker of the Omnipod Insulin Management System. He recently spoke with Beyond Type 2 to discuss his role at the company, how Insulet is ove...MORE

How can we be better allies?

How can white people with diabetes use our experiences with advocacy to be better advocates for black people in the United States?MORE

Experiencing A Telehealth Appointment

Planning on using Libreview to go over your FreeStyle Libre 14 day system data in your telehealth appointment? Diabetes care and education specialist, Julia Blanchette, and Beyond Type 2 Project Manag...MORE

Shortages and Disparities: Mexico vs. COVID-19

The number of worldwide infections is in the hundreds of thousands and hospital beds are few compared to those infected, and given this scenario it’s no wonder there’s a shortage of medical suppli...MORE

My First Time Wearing the FreeStyle Libre

Liz started wearing a CGM for the first time in late 2019. Read why she answered "one thousand times yes" when asked if the FreeStyle Libre improved her life.MORE

Omnipod Helped Me Reduce My A1C by Nearly 10 Percent

After experiencing diabetic comas, neuropathy, and an A1C of over 17 percent, Prince was able to turn things around with the Omnipod insulin management system to reduce his A1C by nearly 10 percent.MORE

How Hypoglycemia Disrupts My Life

Think hypoglycemia isn't a big deal for people with Type 2? Shanerica's story on how it disrupts her life will convince you otheriwse.MORE

Improving Cultural Competency Among HCPs

Dr. Lisa Sumlin, PhD, APRN, ACNS-BC, chats about how healthcare professionals can improve their cultural competency skills to help their POC patients. MORE

Diabetes Inspired Me to be a Health Coach

Liz Cambron is a Beachbody coach and a Ph.D. candidate for cellular biology. Read how diabetes helped her heal her relationship with food and help others.MORE

I Learned to Prevent Hypoglycemia

Luis had a hypoglycemia episode so severe he's not even sure how he survived. This experience led him to educate himself on hypoglycemia and how to prevent it. Read our interview with him below t...MORE

Diabetes Diagnosis and Diabulimia

Eating disorders aren't discussed much in the diabetes world. Qiana shares her story about diabulimia to normalize the discussion about eating disorders. MORE

Living in the Philippines with Diabetes

Sofia Evangelista has been living with diabetes in the Philippines since 2003. Even though she's experienced eye complications from diabetes, she's kept her goal of living healthy in sight.MORE

Type 2 Isn’t a “Good” Form of Diabetes

Jenita has had to deal with hearing she has the "good" diabetes since she was diagnosed in '95. She discusses why there's no such thing.MORE

A Type 2 Titan

Ross Cooper has been living with Type 2 diabetes since 1996. Since he's been diagnosed, he's been a beast in the gym. Read how why he's a Type 2 Titan.MORE

FreeStyle Libre Improved My Diabetes Management

DiabeticFoodie's Shelby Kinnaird chats with Beyond Type 2 on how the FreeStyle Libre 14 day system made life with diabetes easier.MORE

Hiking My Feelings to Manage Diabetes

Sydney Williams has been living with Type 2 diabetes for over two years. Her love for hiking forced her to confront some deep feelings...MORE

Diabetes Education Helped This Marine Vet Reach His Type 2 Goals

Former Marine Vet Garrett Reynolds was in disbelief about his type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Through education, he achieved his diabetes goals.MORE

Getting Bizzy in the Kitchen with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes didn't stop this blogger from creating mouthwatering recipes. In fact, her FreeStyle Libre made her life and staying Bizzy in the kitchen easier.MORE

Mexican Diabetes Federation CEO Gisela Ayala Talks Diabetes in Mexico

Mexican Diabetes Federation CEO Gisela Ayala shares her diabetes story and the prevelance of diabetes in Mexico and meeting its challenges. MORE

One on One with ADA CEO Tracey Brown

Tracey D. Brown is the CEO of the American Diabetes Association. BT2 had a candid conversation with Brown about community needs + what's ahead for the ADA.MORE

I Had to Learn About Severe Hypoglycemia on My Own 

Ceci Garcia was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on her 23rd birthday. Since then, she's dealt with frequent hypoglycemia episodes and learned about Glucagon and severe hypoglycemia on her own. MORE

Overcoming Hypoglycemia to Own My Diabetes

Cindy Lou has been living with Type 2 diabetes for nearly 5 years. With no knowledge of hypoglycemia, her first experience with it was clinically defined as severe hypoglycemia. Over the years she...MORE

Taking the Blame and Shame Out of Complications

Noted T1D blogger Renza Scibilia and Twitter's Chris Aldred ("The Grumpy Pumper") talk about blaming and shaming when it comes to complications.MORE

Motivated to Lose Weight After a Back Injury

Adrián Márquez heard his vertebrae crack while doing menial chores. A visit to the doctor motivated him to lose weight to heal his injury. Read more here.MORE

I Didn’t Know Glucagon was an Option

Jenita Stubblefield has been living with Type 2 diabetes since 1995. She recalls her episodes and just recently learned that Glucagon is an option to treat hypoglycemia. Read her story here. MORE

Finding Our Inner Foodie with Shelby Kinnaird

Shelby Kinnaird has been living with Type 2 diabetes for 20 years. Since her diagnosis, she's started her website, The Diabetic Foodie, to show people with diabetes can eat well without sacrifici...MORE

Remaining Fierce in the Face of Type 2 Diabetes

Tiff McFierce is a DJ and Music Director for the NY Liberty Basketball Team. Diagnosed w/ Type 2 diabetes in 2017, she's remaining fierce in the face of it.MORE

Mil Familias: Diabetes in Latino Families

Beyond Type 2 talked to Namino Glantz, Associate Director of Mil Familias Programs, to get details on what makes the program so important.MORE

Diabetes Support Helped Me Confront Trauma

Shanerica Churchill has had Type 2 diabetes since August 2018. Receiving support from her husband helped her confront trauma and thrive with diabetes. Read her story here and how having a supportive p...MORE

Beyond the Stigma: Diabetes and Body Image 

Bianca Grima is a 17-year-old from New Zealand living with Type 2 diabetes. She advocates living beyond the stigma of negative body image in diabetes. Read her story on how she maintains and promotes ...MORE