New Program Offers $35 Monthly Copays for Sanofi Insulins


Editor’s Note: Need help accessing insulin in the United States? Head to to create a customized access plan—find copay cards and assistance programs you may qualify for based on your location, types of insulin you use, income level and insurance coverage.

Sanofi—makers of Admelog (lispro/rapid-acting), Toujeo (glargine/ultra long-acting), Lantus (glargine/long-acting) and Apidra (glulisine/rapid-acting) insulins—has announced a $35 per month insulin copay program in the U.S. effective July 1, 2022.

The new program allows uninsured participants to fill prescriptions for one or multiple Sanofi insulins for a total of $35 for a 30-day supply.

For example, if you use Admelog rapid-acting and Lantus long-acting, you are now able to receive a full 30-day supply of both types of insulin for a total of $35. Before now, Sanofi’s copay program offered a $99 30-day copay per each type of insulin needed.

The program only applies to those without insurance coverage and requires a valid insulin prescription. The program does not cover Sanofi’s combination insulin product Soliqua (insulin glargine and lixisenatide).

For those who have commercial/private insurance coverage, Sanofi offers a variety of copay cards, which lower the out-of-pocket cost to $0-$10 for most people. For those who have Medicare coverage, Sanofi insulins are covered under some Part D plans, which cap 30-day insulin copays at $35.

For uninsured low- and middle-income people with diabetes, Sanofi offers free insulin through the Sanofi Patient Connection program.

Adam Gluck, head of U.S. and global specialty care corporate affairs at Sanofi, shares that the expanded program was informed by patient feedback, “addressing access and affordability challenges for all people living with diabetes, regardless of insurance coverage.”

For more information or to access this Sanofi insulins-specific program, visit If you use Sanofi insulins and would like personal assistance determining which program may be right for you and how to get the lowest cost, Sanofi’s live support specialists can be reached at (855) 984-6302.

If you do not use Sanofi insulins and need help lowering your out-of-pocket costs for insulin, talk to your health care provider about finding which brand of insulin may be interchangeable with your current insulin needs.

To receive a custom access plan—each of the copay cards and assistance programs you may qualify for based on your location, brands and types of insulin you use, income level and insurance coverage—visit 

WRITTEN BY Lala Jackson, POSTED 06/30/22, UPDATED 01/11/23

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