Self-Advocacy Cards For Your Next Doctor Appointment


Advocating for yourself to your provider can be overwhelming, but self-advocacy is important for making sure you’re getting the care you deserve. Most clinics have patient advocates that are available to join you during appointments. You can tell them your concerns and have them bring it up during the appointment. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or just need some support bringing up your concerns on your own, use these cards at your next doctor appointment to make sure you’re being your best advocate! No one should ever settle for mediocre type 2 diabetes (T2D) care.

Click on each of the self-advocacy cards below to save to your device, or download them here.

Green self-advocacy card titled your food choices matter

Black and yellow self-advocacy card titled affordability and access to diabetes medications, devices and supplies

Blue and white card titled trying or switching to new medications, devices or supplies

Multicolored self-advocacy card titles asking for referrals

Red and white self-advocacy card titled getting second opinions on your diabetes diagnosis

Blue and white self-advocacy card titled discussing results

Red and white self-advocacy card titled addressing stigma

Editor’s Note: This content was made possible with support from Lilly, an active partner of Beyond Type 2 at the time of publication.

WRITTEN BY Liz Cambron-Kopco, POSTED 07/07/23, UPDATED 07/07/23

Liz has been living with type 2 diabetes since 2015, but grew up surrounded by it as a first-generation Mexican-American. With a bug for research, Liz pursued a PhD in molecular biology and spent her early career studying insulin signaling in invertebrates to understand how insects' tiny little bodies work. Along with advocating for women and girls in STEM, Liz shares her personal journey with diabetes on her social media platforms to help teach people to become their own advocates. Her passion for advocacy led her to join the Beyond Type 1 team. When she's not advocating, Liz enjoys hiking with her husband and their terrier/schnauzer mixed pup Burberry.