Diabetes Care in Hospitals: An Update

The American Diabetes Association included in its guidelines and overall consensus of 2019, a review and update of intrahospital management of diabetes

What to Expect at Your First Appointment with a Diabetes Educator

Meeting with a diabetes educator can be a game-changer. Know what to expect in your first meeting with a diabetes educator.

This CDE is All About Type 2 and You

Megan Munoz is a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She runs a blog called "Type 2 and You", where she addresses the struggles people with Type 2 diabetes experience, including shame, the lack of self-management training, and more. Megan recently chatted with Beyond Type 2 to talk about her unique approach to putting her patients on the path to lasting behavior changes, why she loves working as a diabetes educator, and what behavior changes people with Type 2 diabetes can make today. 

A Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educator’s Perspective on Diabetes Care in Trinidad

A conversation with Anica Sanoir, a Caribbean Certified Diabetes Educators and owner of the Caribbean Lifestyle Diabetes Centre.

About AADE

An Overview of the Leading Diabetes Education Organization