Type 2 Diabetes Basic Exercise Guide

Physical activity is one of the important pillars for all types of diabetes management of. A moderate intensity workout for only 30 to 60 minutes three or four times per week is enough to reduce HBA1c between 10 and 20 percent.

5 Moves to Bring Down Blood Sugars in a Pinch

Trainer, nutritionist and diabetic health coach Matt Vende Vegte lets us in on his favorite five moves to bring stubborn BGs down - and you can even do them in the office!

A Type 2 Titan

Ross Cooper has been living with Type 2 diabetes since 1996. Since he's been diagnosed, he's been a beast in the gym. Read how why he's a Type 2 Titan.

Join the Fit with Diabetes Challenge

Christel Oreum of Diabetes Strong talks to Beyond Type 2 about her Fit with Diabetes Challenge, which kicks off in January 3rd.

Hiking My Feelings to Manage Diabetes

Sydney Williams has been living with Type 2 diabetes for over two years. Her love for hiking forced her to confront some deep feelings about her relationship with food, exercise, and herself.  This led to her going on a national tour to talk about the impact hiking has had on her life. In our discussion with Sydney, she talks to us about toxic people-pleasing, addressing mental health, and the importance of recognizing the impact of self-talk. Sydney has also been featured in our #BeyondPowerful campaign on social media, where we feature stories of anyone living with Type 2. 

Hypoglycemia and Outdoor Activities

You should be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about hypoglycemia. However, it's always good to be prepared. This article will show you how to prevent hypoglycemia while enjoying outdoor activities or traveling.

How to Get Moving with Minimum Effort

Exercise is essentially the only natural way that you can lower your blood sugar without taking any additional diabetes medication, like insulin or oral medications like Metformin. And not only that, the right combination of exercise can significantly improve insulin sensitivity, not just during your workout but in the long run as well.

Running for Beginners

Running is a medium to a high-impact form of exercise. The benefits of running for those with Type 2 diabetes shouldn't be overlooked, as it can help promote weight loss, manage blood sugar, relieve stress, and improve cardiovascular health and endurance

Walking for Exercise with Type 2 Diabetes

Walking is one of the most convenient forms of exercise. It can be especially helpful to people with Type 2 diabetes who seek easy and low-impact ways to be active. Bonus? It can be done almost anywhere at any time that works for you.