Silver Linings During COVID-19

Here's a rundown of positive things happening around the world that you might have missed because it's important to focus on the good news, too!

One on One with ADA CEO Tracey Brown

Tracey D. Brown is the CEO of the American Diabetes Association. BT2 had a candid conversation with Brown about community needs + what's ahead for the ADA.

Language Matters

Diabetogenic blog creator Renza Scibilia writes about the power of language and why it matters so much, especially in the diabetes space.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Your Type 2 Mom

Take the time to appreciate your mom this Mother's Day with these tips for moms of Type 2s and moms with Type 2.

Is My Body Weight Adequate?

The goal isn't to be "skinny," but to know what is adequate and healthy for us. Read why the body mass index (BMI) isn't the best indicator for weight.

New Study Reveals the Power of the Diabetes Online Community

You may know the power of the diabetes online community, but does your doctor? Do experts understand what it really means when community members build relationships through social media in the #DOC?