Clean Eating Grocery List

Shopping for clean, healthy foods at the supermarket made simple.

All About Salt

Not trying to be salty about it, but it's important to learn about sodium, in general, and how people with Type 2 diabetes

How Dietary Carbs and Protein Affect Blood Sugar

Dietary carbs and protein are hot topics in the diabetes world. We break down what they are, what food sources are included, and how you can get more of these macronutrients in your diet.

The DASH Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

The DASH diet -- Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension -- is a nutrition plan that promotes heart-healthy foods. The primary goal of this diet is to aid in lowering high blood pressure through a diet of low-fat, low-sodium, and fat-free foods.

History of the Ketogenic Diet

Before diving into the details of a ketogenic diet this is a brief historical review of the different nutritional approaches that have been recommended over time for diabetes treatment.

Understanding Portion Sizes

Not only do you have to eat healthy and be careful to choose or to prefer certain foods versus others, but you must also be very careful with serving sizes.

“Fat-Free” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy

Are fat-free options the best options always the healthier ones? Not always. Learn how to determine if seemingly healthier options are better for you.

How to Read a Food Label

Reading and interpreting a food label can be confusing, especially if you're trying to maintain or improve your health. But don't worry, it's not hard, in fact, learning how to read the info on a label will make you more informed about what you're truly eating.

Glycemic Index and Type 2 Diabetes

The phrase “glycemic index” can seem intimidating when first learning about what a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes entails. It sounds prohibitively technical and obscure, a phrase meant perhaps for physicians, nutritionists or other specialists with esoteric understanding.

The Type 2 Guide to Blood Glucose Meters

Blood Glucose Meters (BGMs) are an important tool for those with Type 2 diabetes to utilize for accurate tracking of blood sugar levels.