Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

Your immune system is critical to helping you fight and protect you against infections and viruses. While there's no magic bullet to boosting your immune system, there are ways you can keep it healthy.

Caffeine and Type 2 Diabetes

Wondering if that cup of coffee is hindering your Type 2 diabetes management? Learn here about the impact caffeine has on Type 2 diabetes.

Finding Our Inner Foodie with Shelby Kinnaird

Shelby Kinnaird has been living with Type 2 diabetes for 20 years. Since her diagnosis, she's started her website, The Diabetic Foodie, to show people with diabetes can eat well without sacrificing flavor or neglecting their sweet tooth. As a member of DiabetesSisters, an organization dedicated to helping women live well with diabetes, Kinnaird serves as a PODS leader, where she hosts meetups to help women find peer support. She chatted with the Beyond Type 2 team to share her diagnosis story, her website, role with DiabetesSisters, and easy ways for you to start cooking at home today.

Challenging Diabetes in the Kitchen with Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz

Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is a spokesperson for America’s Diabetes Challenge, a program from Merck that urges people with Type 2 diabetes to work with their doctors to set and reach their A1C goal, as well as learn the symptoms of hypoglycemia and how to reduce its risk. As part of her role, she’s featured in the program’s documentary, “A Touch of Sugar”, which aims to destigmatize Type 2 diabetes. Leticia spoke with the Beyond Type 2 team about her role in the documentary, her passion for helping people with Type 2 diabetes overcome the challenges to healthy cooking, and her own personal link to Type 2 diabetes. 

Understanding Nutrition for Diabetes Management

Diana is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's in Nutrition Science. She combines evidence-based, medical nutrition therapy with a personalized holistic approach to help others develop a healthy, lasting relationship with food. Learn more about her story and approach to understanding nutrition for diabetes management. 

Low Carb Options for a Healthy Breakfast

If you are looking for a breakfast that has no huge impact on your blood glucose levels, you may want to try a low carb breakfast. Remember, the recommendation is to create our plan together with our health care team to help determine portions and nutrients.

Paleo Diet and Type 2 Diabetes

What is this new diet about? Can we who live with Type 2 diabetes find benefits by following this nutritional plan? Let's discover it together.

A Chat with Robert Lewis, the Happy Diabetic

Chef Robert Lewis, aka the Happy Diabetic, shares his experience living with Type 2 diabetes, connecting with audiences through food, and how you can begin making healthy meals at home today.

Healthy Eating Tips for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of the biggest barbecue days of the year and we're here to help you celebrate the holiday while keeping your blood sugar in check.

Cauliflower Come-Up

It’s used a low-carb substitute for nearly everything that’s usually bread-based or has a significant amount of carbs, especially pizza crusts. But are all cauliflower crusts created equal? Find out here.