Nasal Glucagon Baqsimi Approved by the FDA

On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration approved Eli Lilly and Company's Baqsimi, a non-injectable, nasal glucagon and the first of its kind.

ADA 2019 In Review

The biggest diabetes conference of the year — American Diabetes Association’s 79th Annual Scientific Sessions is over, and Beyond Type 2’s editorial staff was reporting live from the conference. Here are the highlights, lowlights, insights, and biggest takeaways from ADA 2019.

Test Strip Subscription Guide

It’s no secret that the cost of diabetes has been getting a lot of attention lately, and most of it’s been negative. The price tag on general necessities like health insurance, paying for insulin and other medications, and purchasing the other tools and supplies you require to successfully manage your Type 2 all add up.

Research Shows Fridges Might Be Destroying Insulin

A 16-month study has shown that 79% of insulin is kept at temperatures outside of the recommended range. Insulin stored in the fridge is at a much higher risk.

New Study Reveals the Power of the Diabetes Online Community

You may know the power of the diabetes online community, but does your doctor? Do experts understand what it really means when community members build relationships through social media in the #DOC?

FDA Commissioner Makes Statement on Insulin Pricing

In December 2018, the United States FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., released a statement detailing a handful of new guidances designed to increase competition and bring down prices across the insulin market. The changes are slated to take effect in 2020.

The Type 2 Guide to Blood Glucose Meters

Blood Glucose Meters (BGMs) are an important tool for those with Type 2 diabetes to utilize for accurate tracking of blood sugar levels.

All About DANA – Diabetes Technology on Tap

The Diabetes Advanced Network Access (DANA) app provides an innovative way for diabetes educators to find information regarding products and other apps that they can readily provide to patients.

MDI vs Pump in Type 2 Diabetes

People with Type 2 diabetes have a choice in the treatment of their condition, and understanding any and all options is a vital first step in proper diabetes management.