#SeeTheSigns of Diabetes

Undiagnosed type 2 diabetes can cause damage to the entire body. Proper diagnosis and treatment of T2D saves lives. #SeeTheSigns, Share the Signs.MORE

Recently Diagnosed? Learn The Lingo

A diabetes diagnosis can feel overwhelming. This page will give you the basics you need to adjust to your new life with type 2 diabetes.MORE


The Benefits of Time-in-Range and CGM for Type 2 Diabetes

We chatted with Megan Muñoz, CDCES, CMSRN, about CGM technology and how time-in-range can be beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes!

Food, Cooking, and T2D with Mila Clarke Buckley

Type 2 Diabetes Advocate, Mila Clarke Buckley, talks about her life with T2D, her new journal, and why healthy food doesn’t have to be boring.

Fitness and Diabetes with Dex Geralds

An interview with Dex Geralds, an LA-based fitness instructor and who has been living with Type 2 diabetes since 2013.

Diabetes and Exercise

Losing Weight with Type 2 Diabetes: Things to Consider

Losing weight with type 2 diabetes isn’t as simple as many might think. Here are a few important details to keep in mind while working on your weight-loss goals as a person with T2D.MORE

Body Image: You Don’t Need to be Skinny to be Fit

Plenty of extremely active, fit people look decidedly “average” by the insane standards of our current society and they are kicking butt every day. You don’t have to be stick thin to be thriving...MORE

Type 2 Diabetes Basic Exercise Guide

Physical activity is one of the important pillars for all types of diabetes management of. A moderate intensity workout for only 30 to 60 minutes three or four times per week is enough to reduce HBA1...MORE


Learn practical tips on making life with Type 2 easy! Food, exercise, mental wellness, and more
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Keep up with the latest in Type 2 diabetes research and technology
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Type 2 Stories

You are not alone. Read the inspiring stories of others living with Type 2 diabetes.
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Food and Diabetes

Wondering what foods you can eat? Our ultimate guide provides the best tips on nutrition
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