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There is more than just the physical aspects of diabetes management. It can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Whether you have diabetes or are a caregiver for someone who has it, you should know first that you are not alone. Remember, too, that a big and important part of taking care of yourself, is nurturing the mind and spirit. We are just beginning to explore what that means through our own extensive research as well as by consulting experts from a wide range of disciplines. We’re on the search to discover what contributes to a healthy mental state and how one can achieve a balanced life.

If you have diabetes or are caring for someone who does, it is likely that you or your loved one will experience any of the following: stress, diabetes distress, burnout, diabulimia and/or depression.


How Diabetes Impacts Your Mental Health

Diabetes can affect various parts of your life that impact your mental health. Our article goes into the aspects of living with diabetes does that.MORE

Are depression and diabetes related?

Research shows that if you have diabetes, your risk of developing depression more than doubles. In fact, some studies show, that it could be as high as four times more likely.MORE

Diabetes Distress

  According to Dr. Lawrence Fisher, Research Director at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), Diabetes Distress or “DD” refers to all the fears and worries that people with diabetes exper...MORE

Diabetes Burnout

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Finding a Diabetes Mental Health Provider

Type 2 isn’t just about  checking BGLs and taking your medication or insulin. The disease takes an emotional and psychological toll as wellMORE

Stigmas in the Type 2 Population

Diabetes comes with an array of stigmas attached to it. Accepting the condition and using it as a springboard for personal, positive change is key to combatting these stigmas.MORE

How to Remove Shame from Type 2 Diabetes

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Body Image: You Don’t Need to be Skinny to be Fit

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Stages of Grief: Accepting Your Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

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Reducing Diabetes Distress Tips: Everyday Self-Care Acts 

When people have better blood glucose control, they feel better physically because they are experiencing fewer highs and lows or actually able to get it into target range. Read some fantastic tips in...MORE

Connecting Mental Health and Physical Health to Diabetes

Mental health as a big part of Type 2 diabetes management. Is it an under-discussed topic? Read Alexis Elliot's thought about this important topic in Diabetes Education. MORE

People With Diabetes Forgoing Basic Needs in Order to Survive According to New Studies

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Coping with Diabetes Complications

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How to Feel Empowered with Type 2 Diabetes

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Taking the Blame and Shame Out of Complications

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4 Ways to Overcome Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety

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Relationships and Type 2 Diabetes

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Mental Health and Coping with Coronavirus

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Mental Health Check-In

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What To Expect in a Telehealth Appointment for Mental Health

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The Impact of Insulin Rationing on Mental Health

Insulin rationing is an unfortunate reality for people with diabetes and the burden on mental health is something people with diabetes shouldn't have to bear. MORE

Mental Health Check In: Identifying + Processing Trauma

Members of the Beyond Type 2 team speak with diabetes psychologist Dr. Mark Heyman about how to identify and get help processing trauma.MORE
how diabetes impacts your mood

How Diabetes Impacts Your Mood

Blood sugar fluctuations and constant stress means diabetes can easily impact your mood...MORE

Just Diagnosed with Diabetes? Why and How to Find Mental Health Support

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The Danger of Perfectionism in Diabetes Management

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Using Facebook to Improve Diabetes Management

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Emotional Health and Diabetes – A Necessary Conversation

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Stress — Why and How You Should Reduce It

When it comes to having diabetes, keeping stress in check is paramount for preventing long-term complications. Here are 7 easy tips on how to reduce stress if you have diabetes.MORE

Personal Stories

Do you have a personal story you’d like to share? Follow this link to submit your story on how Type 2 diabetes has impacted your life. Your story contributes to our growing community of people living with Type 2 diabetes and brings a new perspective to our fight in redefining what it means to live with it.