Mental health


There is more than just the physical aspects of diabetes management. It can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. Whether you have diabetes or are a caregiver for someone who has it, you should know first that you are not alone. Remember, too, that a big and important part of taking care of yourself, is nurturing the mind and spirit. We are just beginning to explore what that means through our own extensive research as well as by consulting experts from a wide range of disciplines. We’re on the search to discover what contributes to a healthy mental state and how one can achieve a balanced life.

If you have diabetes or are caring for someone who does, it is likely that you or your loved one will experience any of the following: stress, diabetes distress, burnout, diabulimia and/or depression.


Personal Stories

Do you have a personal story you’d like to share? Follow this link to submit your story on how Type 2 diabetes has impacted your life. Your story contributes to our growing community of people living with Type 2 diabetes and brings a new perspective to our fight in redefining what it means to live with it.