GoodRx Announces New Way for People to Access Lantus for $35


On October 19, 2023, GoodRx announced that it is partnering with the insulin manufacturer Sanofi to offer a new avenue for people with diabetes in the United States to access the long-acting insulin Lantus for only $35 per vial. 

Insulin is still unaffordable for many people 

Nearly 40 million Americans live with diabetes, and over 8 million of them need insulin to survive. The number of Americans who have diabetes is increasing every year, and many are still struggling to afford their insulin, often choosing between their life-saving medications and rent or food to get by. 

Many solutions have been brought forth: 25 states and the District of Columbia have passed insulin copay cap legislation, targeting state-regulated health plans and limiting the amount of out-of-pocket costs for insulin. Congress has held hearings on the issue and the three main insulin manufacturers in the U.S. have also voluntarily reduced their list prices in recent months. 

However, many people are still falling through the cracks on affordable insulin. 

Namely, people who are uninsured. Nearly 30 million Americans, many of whom have diabetes, are still uninsured and are in desperate need for affordable insulin and other medications. 

A big insulin-access win 

Earlier this year Sanofi lowered the price of Lantus insulin to $35 for all patients with commercial insurance (which goes into effect January 1, 2024). Looking to meet the needs of more people with diabetes, Sanofi partnered with GoodRx to leverage their reach to broaden access even more. 

Through its Pharma Manufacturer Solutions program, GoodRx has worked with 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver savings directly to patients. GoodRx utilizes tools such as copay cards, patient savings programs and programs where manufacturers can offer cash prices for their medications. 

GoodRx is a crucial partner to manufacturers like Sanofi to help increase their reach to people who are looking for affordable ways to access the insulin they need. 

Effective today, all Americans with a valid prescription for Lantus, regardless of insurance status, can utilize GoodRx at over 70,000 retail pharmacies across the country and access a 30-day supply of Lantus for only $35. 

“Efforts to make insulin more accessible have been at the forefront of the news for months, and a critical piece of delivering on this promise is making it as simple as possible for patients to get the lower price right at their regular pharmacy counter. Sanofi is taking action and providing Americans who need insulin with the ability to access Lantus in an easy and affordable way, regardless of insurance status. We’re proud to collaborate with them on this initiative,” said Dorothy Gemmell, chief commercial officer at GoodRx.

How to access the coupon

People should visit the GoodRx website to access the $35 coupon. The coupon can be redeemed at any pharmacy that accepts GoodRx, including Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

“Sanofi believes that no one should struggle to pay for their insulin,” said Olivier Bogillot, head of U.S. general medicines at Sanofi. “We are proud to collaborate with GoodRx to build on our existing suite of industry-leading savings programs to expand access and affordability pathways that can bring convenient and meaningful impact at the pharmacy counter.”

People who take insulin require consistently affordable and predictable sources of insulin at all times. If you or a loved one struggle to afford or access insulin, visit

WRITTEN BY Christine Fallabel, POSTED 10/20/23, UPDATED 10/20/23

Christine Fallabel has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2000. She's a health and science writer and has been featured in Diabetes Daily Grind, Insulin Nation, Diabetics Doing Things, and is a regular contributor to Diabetes Strong, T1D Exchange and Healthline. She earned her Master of Public Health from Temple University and received her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Delaware. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her husband in the mountains of Colorado, tinkering with her DIY Loop insulin pump, drinking strong coffee and reading in front of a cozy fire.