Are depression and diabetes related?

Research shows that if you have diabetes, your risk of developing depression more than doubles. In fact, some studies show, that it could be as high as four times more likely.

Stages of Grief: Accepting Your Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

Adjusting to your new life with diabetes can be while mourning your life prior to it is normal. Learn how to use accept your Type 2 diagnosis using the stages of grief.

Anxiety and Type 2 Diabetes

Anixety and Type 2 diabetes are directly correlated, it's not just in your head. Living life with a chronic illness can be especially taxing and requires proper self care.

Body Image: You Don’t Need to be Skinny to be Fit

Plenty of extremely active, fit people look decidedly “average” by the insane standards of our current society and they are kicking butt every day. You don’t have to be stick thin to be thriving and living a healthy, fit, fun-filled life.

A LADA Thoughts

All I knew was something was wrong and I was happy my endo appointment was just a few days later. It never occurred to me the cause was a different diagnosis. It never occurred to me that it was LADA.

How Diabetes Impacts Your Mental Health

Diabetes can affect various parts of your life that impact your mental health. Our article goes into the aspects of living with diabetes does that.

Stigmas in the Type 2 Population

Diabetes comes with an array of stigmas attached to it. Accepting the condition and using it as a springboard for personal, positive change is key to combatting these stigmas.